The Dreaded Foam Roller

We have one of these in our house. It's a very angry orange colour and I got it (on request) for Speedy George at Christmas. it didn't come with any instructions but if anyone is interested there's a really good guide on The Guardian website; tried to cut and paste the link but to no avail. You'll find it if you go to and search for foam roller.

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  • Thanks for this. I do use mine religiously every day and it really works. Where there were aches, after foam rollering, they disappear like magic! Mind you some of the positions I get myself into must look hilarious, but hey ho a small price and all that!

  • there are dozens of tutorials on YouTube as well. It is better to watch in done in real time than just a photo to properly understand the techniques IMO, and there are ones for all the different muscles.

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