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Sheepishly returning with my tail between my legs...


Hello all!

You might not remember me, I graduated 3 months ago with big plans to take on the world of running. Sadly, in my post-graduation euphoria, I got complacent without a big goal and slowly gave up. I also had a lot of Uni assessments due, meaning I lived in the library for a month, and I let the winter lethargy take hold.

The result? It's been well over two months since my last week of 3+ runs, and I'm definitely feeling it.

I hate to be one of those "new year, new me" people, however, now that all Christmas and New Year temptations are out of the way, I'm determined to get back on the horse and ride it all the way to victory.

I started this evening with a totally unexpected midnight run...

In an attempt to get rid of some of the bloat and guilt of the past 2 months, I went for a 4 mile walk this afternoon, afterwards I was feeling exhilarated by being out and exercising again. Apparently this kicked me right back into gear as, after going to the cinema tonight, I decided to run home. Why not? I was still in my trainers, it was mild outside and it was a nice, well-lit road.

So off I went. I managed a mile and a bit easily in 15 mins, which I was really chuffed about. I would've loved to do more, but I sadly ran out of road. This has me completely geared up for another run tomorrow and I'm determined to get back to 5k standard in no time! My next step is running a 5k event in March, then hopefully doing the 10k race for life in June and walking the Moon Walk in summer. I'm raring to go, and with spring just round the corner, nothing can stop me!

Watch out, streets, I'm back!!

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Great to hear! There is nothing like a couple of "signed up and paid for" goals to keep you motivated !! :)

But don't forget to enjoy yourself. !! Find yourself a pleasant scenic route somewhere - somewhere that you have always wanted to have a closer look at - and run/walk it in your own time. Smell the roses along the way!! :)

Good for you for picking things up again - and welcome back!

It is good to have some form of target. As it's January, you can always sign up for Jantastic, too.


Sounds like the time is right for running, and it's great that you have identified a couple of goals to keep you focussed and motivated. Second the suggestion for signing up to Jantastic there is an NHSC25K 2015 team, join us and that will support you to keep going. That and the fact you have to log your runs for all to see, and as a team we are all accountable to each other !


Welcome back, it's good to see your name again. You'll be back up to speed in no time, I'm sure. All it requires is a bit of self discipline when faced with cold miserable weather ;-)

Thanks everyone! It's really great to be back, I forgot how supportive and lovely everyone is :) And thank you for your suggestions, I'll definitely check them out. X

You know if you turn around at the end of the road, you find more road, right? :D

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