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W2r3 - just needed to run

Not sure why but I just really wanted to get out and do my run this evening. It's cold and dark so I used my head torch (it keeps moving but I feel safer with it on as I can be seen in Reas where there is no lighting).

I ran at lunchtime yesterday so today was meant to be my rest day but I was sat on the sofa and got the urge to go. I sat with it for a while but it got stronger and stronger. So I went, and I managed the run and did an extra 30 seconds on run 3 too.

I am pretty nervous about w3 but if all I manage is this then at least I am enjoying what I am doing. W2r2 was in the drizzle and I didn't mind that either. I think I may have caught the bug

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Wooooo! Sounds like the running bug has definitely bitten you! Don't worry about week 3 - it's perfectly manageable :) x


You have ze bug and ze bug has you. - Well done completeing week 2 - especially as you are running in the cold and wet - I started in the summer when the weather was fair and have much respect for runners who are beginning in Winter - you are a hardy bunch and things will only get easier (well for the next nine months or so :) And don't be nervous about week 3 or indeed any of the weeks - simply stick at it and you will get there :)

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