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janda does Falkirk Parkrun

I was away visiting family this week but didn't want too miss a chance to run. So, I packed my gear raring to go. I did a Christmas Eve run, just short of 8k with a few hills and slightly chillier weather than we've been getting. Feeling quite pleased with myself I thought I might do the extra Parkrun at Falkirk on Christmas Day but actually slept through till 9! So, no Parkrun in the end.

I promised myself that I would do the regular Saturday version ... and so I did. I gave myself plenty of time to get there, or so I thought. 25 minutes, said Google Maps, but it also took me on the most circuitous route imaginable through single track, potholed roads. I worried it was taking me to somewhere else altogether.

I got to Callendar Park with 20 minutes to spare and warm up: squats, stretches and walk, jog, run. It didn't feel like enough and was less than I usually do but the crowd looked like it was getting together for the start so I moved along in. I got talking to one of the regulars who told me there were only a couple of hills on the course. The second turned out to be STEEP (Garmin seems to show a 30m rise in 300m: 10% gradient?) and almost got me to walking pace but it didn't quite.

Chase as I might I couldn't quite get the feeling that I was going to match any of my earlier Parkrun times. I managed 78th of 163 runners in 24m56s so not too bad overall but I know I'll need to work on hills to improve my times generally but also to conquer this kind of course.

Next stop could be the New Year's Day double at Grovelands and Oak Hill!

Garmin stats, etc for those interested:

Thanks for reading and keep on running!

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Well done James. Hills are my kryptonite. I don't really have anywhere local to practice them on so whenever I come across them I really struggle. That's good time for a hilly course.


Hi Cheers Aftab. Thanks for the encouragement.


Ah yes, the 'wee hill' as it says on the website description! Well done.


Thanks Mrs Sparkle.


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