Lands end to John o groats (or something)

Hello all,

Have been thinking about a challenge to keep me motivated for 2015 & came up with the above idea - not particularly inventive but maybe enough to keep my attention.

I think this works out to around 4k per day so achievable.

The question is does anyone know of a way to chart my progress - maybe an app or a website I can log the distance every week or so? Failing that I'll just keep a track of it & plan my way on a map or something.

All the best,


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  • Don't know about an App or website -- but I have mapped my 800 klm progress from my home towards Sydney Australia over the past year - using Google Maps

    Didn't quite make Sydney - maybe next year!! :)

  • I map the run for the Virtual run with an app called easy route. We are also doing john o groats to landsend. There are a few pictures on the right hand side under pinned posts. I have just found a new app that is more stable and it is called new route. Both these are on the iOS platform. Good luck with your run, sounds like a great way to plot your acheivements.

  • I did this in 2014 - as the crow flies - 605 miles. Later today I'll have achieved it three times!

    They're running another this year - 874 miles, the long way - and I'll be starting it on January 1st. I should do it twice before the end of the year.

    Here's the link

  • Thanks for the replies :-)

    I don't use Facebook but I have downloaded new route which looks like it'll do the job a treat.

    Thanks everyone.

    All the best,


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