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Well that's interesting!

Hubby bought me a new 'Garmin' for Christmas. It's a Tomtom rather than an actual Garmin so will need some getting used to. But it still syncs with MapMyRun so at least I don't need to get used to new software on the computer. And that's what it did this morning. Home from parkrun, plugged it in to charge, computer on but not logged on, leftover veg plus extra cheese for brekkie, had a shower, out for the gym, back, lunch, had better log my food. Went into MFP and lo and behold my parkrun calories have already been logged. Still not logged into the computer and I'm pretty sure I turned the Bluetooth off on the iPad, so I don't know which connection it used.

The robots are taking over, at least if we need to flee from them we're fit enough. If they can track us though......

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Run! Run fast! I have taken to wearing a silver foil hat on my head at all times... (I am joking!). There must be some Bluetooth wireless router trickery afoot there. Meanwhile, however, I still haven't worked out how to stop my PC thinking my Garmin is a piece of malware!


It's the work of the devil I tell you!




We're safe! No robots, no devils, no spooks, just a getting on and limp-brained woman. I was logged onto the 'puter, the internet was still running, I must've been disturbed while doing something and then not got back here! Phew!


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