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Frustrated Joy!

This has been a good week of runs, both Monday and Wednesday went well. Yesterday went for a good long walk as it was such a super day. Quite chilly this morning so very pleased that I had invested in a good jacket. After the usual first 10 minutes of struggle got into a rhythm and turned on the audio book. I got so engrossed in the story I forgot to turn back, the road I was on eventually joined up with another road that heads back to the village but the last 2km are all up hill with no level sections to recover on. A phone call home and a very obliging other half came to collect me. When I checked RK and saw that I had run for 46mins and my furthest distance, joy. The frustrating part was that it was 5.98km!

I now know what next weeks target is going to be, with a long term target of being able to complete the circuit without relying on being collected.

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas, all the best for 2015.

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Ooch. I hear your frustration on the 0.02 km. Why do we like round numbers do much? Well done on the distance, I think you can chalk the difference up to statistical error.


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