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Christmas Park Run

What a fantastic day for the Park Run. 250 people turned out which is high even for the usual Saturdays. The weather was glorious and the people were in their usual high spirits. I knew that i would be running with my daughters dog so expected a less competitive time than usual, so had one or two glasses more than i should of and stayed up until 3 in the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of father christmas.

Still felt good for the run, had to start at the back as i was accompanied by the dog but it meant we overtook so many other runners which the dog being a beagle enjoys. As i had not run outside during December my body was free of aches and pains and i had a fantastic run, a stroll in the park. Its days like these that running is just the best. It gives you a sense of well being, a large appetite and a thirst which just sets up christmas day which was also shared by the dog.

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A great day and a great run :D there were 300+ at the park run i did :) it was a great atmosphere :D

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What a nice post, glad you were joined by so many and also the dog.


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