Couch to 5K

I have stalled... Advice please

I was doing so well, 5 weeks ago i got to week 2 run 3 and i fell down the bloody stairs. Luckily no break just sof tissue damage, my foot swelled up and it was blue from the edge of my toes right up to my ankle, needless to say i havent been able to do much at all on it and even now 5 weeks later its still bruised. I went out for my works christmas do and was dancing On it last friday, and the bit i actually damaged swelled again and was painful the next day... How is best to tackle this? Do i give it another couple of weeks and then try again, or should i wait a month? Do i get some real good running shoes, or keep the ones i have and run with it strapped up? And do you think im going to need to start the whole programme again. I am so annoyed i was really enjoying it and probably would have been nearly complete by now.

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ouch that sounds painful, been there and done that but worse many years ago .. i dont know how long you should wait before running again but maybe some gentle walking at first to see how it feels before running again ... proper running shoes are always best if you can and the gait analysis :D if you can

hope it heals real soon for you , as for where to start ,trial and error bit certianly build up slowly again and see how it goes :D good luck and merry xmas :D

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Use ice packs to reduce the swelling and don't run!! You should rest it completely. Have you sought medical advice? From my experience soft tissue is worse than a break. The running shoes are a different issue and they are for your running gait. I hope that you are soon feeling better. It has taken me years to realise that running is always there. Get yourself right first, yes it's frustrating when you want to get out but if you don't give your foot a chance to heal now you'll pay for it later down the line. When you do go back, take it easy, listen to your body/foot and if you have to take walking breaks then do. You are still beating those that are still on the couch... All the best with it.


Sorry to hear about your fall. I can't really add anything to the advice already posted, yes ice packs, doc, rest...glad to hear you are still missing running and intend to carry on when you're recovered x


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