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December update - month of extremes

It's been a crazy running month, from the Canadian -22 Celsius, snow and ice, to +30 and unbearably humid in Costa Rica. I'm certainly in favour of the colder end of the spectrum.

Costa Rica was a pretty good country for running as long as you're aware of the traffic - the shoulders on the roads are very narrow. Dogs were indifferent to my plugging along, or occasionally joined in the fun. Lots of locals were hitting up the streets as well - one of the towns had a long distance race (15 k up to an ultra!!) when we were there. I was able to get out 4 times in different towns - all short little runs. Unbearably hot in all but Monteverde, which had pleasant temperatures but killer hills. Murphy's law right? :)

On a side note for those with Garmins or other GPS devices - it's kind of like a fun, free souvenir to record your runs. It's neat to look back on them when you upload the data at home. And a good motivation to get out and run when you're travelling.

Looking forward to running here at home again in preparation for the New Year's Resolution Race, and picking up my distances again in the New Year - I had increased to 10k right before I left, but will probably drop back a few k since I haven't had any long runs in the past 2 weeks. I signed up for a series of 7 races for 2015, culminating with a half marathon in October. It's going to be a good year.

Happy running and happy holidays folks!

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Gosh, those ARE extremes of temp aren't they? You must have loads of running gear to cover all those! (envious sigh!) I agree about the souvenir bit, I don't have a Garmin, but I do have Runkeeper which gives me lovely maps, and I always try to run when I'm away. I'm off to Porto in January, have already looked at Runkeeper to see where I might run, but those nice people at RyanAir only allow a matchbox sized bag and 10KGs weight limit, so I might have to give it a miss...


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