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Parkrun - 21:45 - Didn't push myself when it got painful today, but an enjoyable run all the same!

Hi all!

Quick post today. I found myself all on my own after the first mile, my legs were a bit achey so I decided not to go all out for a PB. I was at a reasonable time at 3km and when it got painful I didn't push through it as I had no-one to really chase or anyone closing in on me. The weather was really nice so I decided just to enjoy it and not worry about the time today. So 21:45 5km and a great start to the weekend! Oh and here is something I thought I would never say, as I got to the finish a regular fast runner in full Santa costume was closing me down. It is a bit unsettling when something that looks that big is bearing down on you!

Anyway happy running all! Here is a link to today's run:


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Well done - you came 9th. I can't imagine how to go as fast as you run - well done.


Thanks. I was happy with the top 10 finish!


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