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I know I'm a little late joining as I 'm about to move on to week 7 of the c25k but I wanted to say hi and do my bit to encourage anyone thinking about starting the plan to go for it.

I've tried starting running before and fallen at the first hurdle by overdoing it, giving up after the first attempt. Running seem just too hard to me and convinced myself I am better suited to other less intense forms of exercise. But as this plan started off right at the beginning I felt I really could manage it! Yes, it got harder but never too quickly. Apart from hitting you with that sudden 20 minute run that is! But it was all in my head. It was just the fear of running for such a length of time - something I never thought I could do.

I purposely have not looked ahead to see what is in store for the rest of the plan and chose to deal with each new podcast as it comes. For me that is the best way rather than be fearful of the longer runs ahead. My lack of confidence in my ability to run any distance has been the biggest obstacle for me up to now. But it's gradually sinking it that I can actually do this!

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Well done linford. Glad to see you are going for it. Running is as much mental as it is physical and you can only really discover how true that is by conquering your fears about going the distance. Keep going ... It just keeps getting better and more rewarding!


This program has surprised many of us who thought like you.

Well done on getting to week 7 and happy running.


Welcome linford - with a name like that you should be a good runner! Well done for getting to week 7 - should be plain sailing to graduation now!


Well done you - and it's never too late to join in! That's part of the beauty of this whole plan, too. No matter what age you are, the program works. I had avoided running for a good 50 years, but started the program Feb 2013 and this year completed my first hm. I still have to pinch myself to believe it's really me that's doing it! Welcome to the club, that graduate badge will be with you before you know it!


Welcome to the forum! How kind of you to think of encouraging others. Enjoy your journey, and don't forget to share it with us x


Thanks everyone for the very warm welcome. I got the idea from my wife who started the plan and gave up. She is as bad as me for making excuses! So hopefully I can inspire her to have another go.

Onward to week 7...


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