Couch to 5K

Where to start?

It's been 2 weeks since my last run and I'm desperate to get out. I had a really bad cold, being asthmatic - it went to my chest, then the fever kicked in.

Before I came sick was struggling running 25 minutes when I was able to to do 35-40. Do I got back to last 2 weeks of couch to 5k or do I just put me head phones in and enjoy the music and see how far I go?

My gut says aim for 15 stop for 1 minute and try again.

I have 10 days off work from Christmas Eve so want to be back in my routine for the new year. Still have a cough


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I'd suggest going out there to see how it goes, and then pick an appropriate week in the programme according to that. Some people lose next to no fitness in two weeks, others suffers quite a bit. So, as always, listen to your body and let that be your guide.


I would say always go with your gut feeling, we have have an Internal coach who usually know what's best. Take it easy and treat yourself with some TLC. You will get there.


Thanks both. So the alarm went off at 5.00, I threw myself into clothes and headed to the garage. Selected a nice run in Spain, slow speed and hit the music button. I ran for 35 minutes! First 5 felt like I had a cannon hole in my chest but I kept going - thank you for the advice :-)




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