Couch to 5K

Moving On, but still here

Well I went out with Sammy this morning and did the 3 x 10 minute runs. The first two were OK-ish, not easy. The third I had to slow down to walking a couple of times because my knee was crying out but I did the last ten minutes without stopping. Had to keep telling myself I can do this. I have run non-stop for 30 minutes more than once.

The sun wasn't out and I forgot to take a picture - well it was a bit cloudy - but I feel absolutely great.

I think Sammy's one minute respite walks are shorter than Laura's though and the final ten minutes were very quiet. I think that was so I could concentrate on listening to my own huffing and puffing :-)

I don't think I am 10k material but it was good to work towards something different.

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You are 10 k material!!!!! You definitely are and kick-ass Sami will get you there. I got hung up on week 4 but kept on with it til I nailed it, sailed through week 5 much to my relief. I absolutely love these podcasts now and I run them the whole time.

I did a 10 k race today, my first, and I got there with Sami's help. Laura too of course

Stick with em Moonmar and you'll make it. I just know it


Playing catch up on this at the moment because I've been on holiday but just wanted to say that I love these podcasts! I felt a bit lost after C25K and when I foubd these I was very pleased. I agree about the timings and it did feel a bit strange going back to running then walking but I managed to get my distance up so that niw I can regularly do 7ish km 3 times a week. I completed the whole programme a while vack. I've had a break from running due to holiday & illness but I'm planning on going on my 1st run in 2 weeks tomorrow & i'll be using one of these podcasts


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