Couch to 5K

New PB :D

New PB  :D

Nice soft mild morning this morning. Having discovered more speed available right at the end of thursday's run, I decided to see if I could run a bit faster over the first 5km of today's run. I certainly felt the difference, breathing was harder, and I was tiring towards the end. After 30 minutes I slowed back down to my normal easier pace, and after 3 or for minutes of that I felt comfortable again, and felt that at that speed I could keep going a lot longer. But, I have a plan, I add 3 minutes each week, so this week is 45 minutes week. Well I did keep going until 47mins in fact, as I was feeling good, and monday will be 48 minute run anyway :)

So very happy with that this morning, happy running everyone :D

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oh, and the PB was 29:10 fir the 5km :)


Morning Zev :D a great run for you


morning Rob thanks :D Happy running


thanks Zev :D


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