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As an update


I have not posted on here for ages. Life has got a bit busy but I have managed a run most weeks and sometimes two. I have not done a park run since November but am planning on one this Saturday.

I did go and get proper running shoes yesterday. I had my gait analysed as I found when I extended my distance my knees got painful. I did 6km this morning and no pain in my knees so thats positive.

My legs could feel i was running in different shoes though and bits of my legs ached in different ways during the run.

Still loving it all though and am really hoping to do the Sutton Fun Run in 2015! Its 8 and a half miles :/

Hope all the rest of you c25k graduates are doing well with your winter running x x

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Sounds like you're doing well with your running. Good news on the shoes front. I'm sure you'll be fine once your legs get used to them. Nothing like a fresh pair to inject some pace into the proceedings.

Good luck !


Hiya, nice to see you again :).

I've been busy with stuff so haven't been up to date with peeps here - hardly even had a peek last week! Got a 'spare' hour this evening so having a bit of a catch up.

Just getting used to this harsh winter weather, well I say that but our weather isn't actually that bad is it, not yet anyway! Don't mind the cold, or a bit of rain, just don't like them combined and then with wind thrown in.. happy to fit my runs around the forecast if necessary.

Interesting re the shoes. It's a shame to have to deal with these ailments etc - a price to pay for running - but at least we can do what we can to minimise - and your fab new shoes will no doubt do a great job.

Take care :) xx


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