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The rains are here!!!

I can't honestly say that I cannot remember the last time I saw rain! I mean "real" rain - not a sprinkle, a mist or a light shower -- but proper rain. Probably at least 8-9 months ago!!

But for the past 2 weeks , we have known it was coming - and it arrived today !! I went out very early 5AM this morning - intending to do an easy 7 Klm using my heart rate monitor -- and for the first 2K or so, I was a bit amazed at how low I was able to keep my HR. Normally after 2K it is starting to build up to a level over what I would want for a long easy run -- but this morning no probs at all. I placed myself on a "no coffee' regime 4 days ago - the headaches now seem to have passed and I am wondering if the more controllable HR is coming from the fact that I have no caffeine in me at the moment???

But back to the run -- it was very much like trying to run in a sauna - and by the time I got to 5K , I was struggling - so I called it a day. I do sweat rather profusely at this time of year - but this morning was beyond ridiculous and I could have literally wrung my running shirt out.

This is NOT the time to be running - as the rains are breaking!

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Hi Bazza. I can't imagine not seeing rain for that long. It's -1° here in blighty at the moment - not raining though. I know what you mean about running when the humidity is really high though as I have run in some hot countries. Just don't push yourself too hard in that heat.


Cold turkey on the coffee eh! Did that one some years ago and I remember the headaches being so bad I could hardly get out of bed along with the achey joints! So hats off to you for running not only in the humidity but also whilst doing cold turkey. That's pretty hardcore in my book!


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