Sunday LSD

Sunday LSD

Long slow distance, of course ( though it always makes me smile seeing that on training plans: ah, Sunday afternoons. 2 hour acid trip time...). Went out for a potter today (fuelled by nothing more adventurous than coffee, I hasten to add) and then just kept going, and kept going a bit more, and finally broke the elusive 10 mile barrier. Happy runner!

And there was a rainbow and everything. Hope everyone's weekends have been similarly rewarding! :)


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18 Replies

  • Wow, you're doing so well. Beautiful place to run no wonder you kept on going! :)

  • I am tremendously lucky with where I live, even if it does mean never having the option of a flat run!!

  • Fab well done & looks like lovely location to run in

  • Lovely piccy and fantastic run - well done!

  • Can't work out how to get the photo the right way up, though...

    Oh well.

  • wow 10 miles seriously well done :D great scenery too :D

  • fantastic run, what a beautiful place, and how amazing to have a rainbow...totally delicious. Well done :)

  • Lovely. First time at any distance is always a great achievement, but somehow all the sweeter when you 'just do it'. Well done you. Pats on back and ice on legs.

  • Cheers all. I didn't ice my legs though. I got in the bath with the heating on!! It's blooming cold out there. Shall find out whether this choice was unwise when I get up tomorrow, I expect!!

  • Brilliant stuff - well done :) my longest runs so far have never really been intentional - I have to trick my brain into thinking we are just going on a little meander - and then I keep saying to it - oh we'll just go a little further - silly brain seems to fall for it - probably caused by LSD :)

    Sometimes - the site puts the pictures up sideways for no real reason - one thing that seems to work is this; rename the original photo file just so the site recognises it as something different - then delete old photo from site (in edit mode) and re upload renamed photo. seems to work most of the time

  • Amazing, isn't it? Even though I kind of knew it was a trick, because before my casual meander I filled a water bottle and stuck in a cereal bar, which I wouldn't usually do. And may have thought "ten miles is possibly within reach now, you know" to myself. Very quietly, so the gremlins didn't notice.

  • That's amazing! :-o :-D and what a rewarding view :-) are you sure there was a rainbow and it wasn't just your trip? :-P sorry, couldn't help it.

  • Haha, well, it's (just about) on camera, so I'm trusting it's the bit of universe in front of my eyes that put it there, and not the (smaller and less beautiful) bit of the universe walled round in bone behind them. ;)

  • What a beautiful place to run, and what a run, congratulations

  • Oh that looks absolutely gorgeous that, Tea.

    What a fab place to run, and Well done on your 10 miles , that's really good stuff ! :-) xxx

  • 10 miles wow what a run. I am struggling with 6 at the moment. What a lovely place to run as well. Rainbows too can't be bad

  • Beautiful pic. What a fabulous place to run. :)

  • 10 miles sounds like a day out. To do it in a couple of hours is awesome.

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