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Run 2 week 1

phew didn't realise I was so out of touch with my abilities. Run 2 was miserable. Run 1 was okay though. Only positive is that by end of run 2 i had figured a means of breathing in through nose and breathing out through the mouth which works for me. But the legs felt so heavy.

fingers crossed for run 3. going to do it in the morning. see if it makes things better.

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Dont worry, listen to Laura. You'll be fine.

The program is progressive and gently paced, so in my opinion, if you take it steady and do what Laura tells you, then you will find that C25K is very do able.

The important thing is not to start too fast. Start your runs slowly, and you can pick up the pace a little if you are feeling comfortable later on, and push a final burst at the end if you feel like it.


You will get there! I was exactly the same, but the plan is so gradual, you don't realise how you do it every time! I now run for 30 minutes and I have never ran or done any exercise in my whole 42 years on this earth! Keep going and well done! :)


Oh come on lighten up a bit. You lived to tell the tale. So chin up and get ready for the next session. Smile and off you go

There are more positives from these sessions than you realise. You'll find out though if you stick with it to the end of week 9. There will be zero negatives by then. You won't be able to stop grinning

Go slowly! A slow jog is all that's required.


You are getting there, trust me it will happen. I am a sod for sprinting off at the start and burning out too quickly. But starting steady and building up is the best option. As for breathing in and out, i am a mouth breather all the way. I have tried through the nose a few times but i find it a little restrictive. I guess there is no harm in mouth breathing but maybe in the summer that may come with extra protein.

You legs will feel heavy at first and sore, but the muscle will build up and the strength will build. Even i still get sore legs but you will recover quickly as you keep going. Think to yourself "My pain today is my strength tomorrow"

Keep it up, eventually it will all just snap into place.


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