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Hello everyone! :) I should currently be on week 5 however on Monday (final run of week 4) i was doing my 5 minuet final run and at around 3 minuets i got this weird feeling in my stomach and ended up being sick in the gym. I put this down to the fact I hadn't eaten anything that morning, however this morning I had a banana and went back to the gym and decided to run for 3 minuets and then recover for 1.5 and repeat until the podast stopped however the same thing happened again. Fortunately this time I managed to make it the the bathroom and avoided being sick but i just wondered if anyone has a similar experience or any tips for what to do, or what could be causing it? I was really enjoying running but now I'm too scared to incase I'm sick! :(

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That sounds terrible. There are so many bugs around at the moment, it is possible you have one lerking around and it only rears its ugly head when you push yourself. Give yourself a rest and keep an eye on it. As always, if in any doubt check it out with your gp.


Sounds horrid - a few days rest then try again. But agree if keeps happening see your GP


You're not running too fast are you?


Maybe Google it?

5 minutes later - I Google it, there's lots of info about this, seems the main cause is the body diverting blood away from the stomach to the leg muscles...have a read, it's very interesting.


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