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Week 6 Run 1. Tough...but done.


My hardest one so far. Done it but had been warned it might be tough and it was. Legs heavy...and some shin pain again. Put my gel insoles in and they don't feel too bad. I think I need to do more stretching. Anyway it's over and I've stuffed my face as I was so hungry when I got home :)

Don't quite understand why I found this so hard. Hope Tuesday isn't so difficult.

My rubbish iPhone battery went flat as well....luckily my friend was with me to be Laura but I had no music which was awful. Also needed the loo all the way. Very distracting .....arghhhhh.

Onwards and upwards

Barbara xx

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Week 6 can catch you out after the week5 Run3 . you did it which is the main thing :) dont worry about this one now :) just go out and do the same with the rest fo your runs :D

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks'notsoslowRob' :) x


Well done - it's a tricky one!

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks ullyrunner xx


Well done on getting it done!I think it's because having done 20minutes in run 3week 5 you feel it should be easier(at least I did) after all there is walking again. Besides which you do get a bad run every now and again....Happy running:0)

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to pot58

Thanks Pot 58 xx

Tough but you did it. Maybe you were going a little fast and need to slow down. Well done Barbara.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Yes I think so too IP. Apparently I was quite a way ahead of my friend..I was trying to zone out having no music!! xx


Wikipedia has some.good exercises for shin splints I found it helps

well done and keep going.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to suel18

I found those thanks Sue. Must do more shin/calf stretches. It's definitely my weak spot...left leg only (which I land heavier on according to the running shop lady) need to be more regimented about that for sure xx


Sounds like you had a gremlin run! Well done on completing it though :)

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to hilbean

Was definitely my gremlin run. My friend forgot to put her boulder holder bra on too....arghhhh :) Thanks hilbean xx

hilbeanGraduate in reply to Barbarajs

:o Oh no!

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