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Garmin FR10 Problem

I don't know if anybody here has had a similar problem, so here goes...

I have had my Garmin FR10 for about a month now and it's been wonderful. Until last night. I connected it to the charger and left it for a couple of hours and then disconnected it in the usual way (took the charger off the phone, not switched it off at the wall first); a split second later concentric waves of squares started pulsing out on the screen. To say I found this alarming would be somewhat of an understatement...

I did manage to turn it off and on again and it would appear to be working fine now. I'm just a bit nervous about what caused it and whether it's likely to happen again. The google interwebs have not provided in this instance :-/

Does anybody know what might have caused this?



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I've no idea what could have caused that but if it is working OK now then probably just a minor energy glitch and probably better in future to switch off before disconnecting. I am just making a guess though.


I never switch mine off at the wall first and this hasn't happened me yet but now I must remember to switch it off at the wall first :)


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