Couch to 5K

Wanting to get back into it!

Started the c25k this time last year! Graduated earlier this year and was managing 5k a couple times a week which I was really enjoying. Since June Ive been managing to get out less and less due to family illness and then weeks of feeling run down. I m really missing my runs. Made me feel fantastic. I ran a mile and a half 2 weeks ago no problem....any ideas to help me get back on the programme?? Not sure where to start.

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I keep saying - when all else fails, when you are lost and don't know where to go -- go back to the start, where you came from! !! The place that you know , have been to and are quite comfortable with -- that is C25K - W1D1 -. Run 1 minute/walk 90 seconds - repeat for 20 minutes. You will probably find that you don't have to stay there long - you know where it is, you have been there before , familiar to the surroundings - you will soon move on!! :)

I frequently go back there - in fact, I am going back there tomorrow morning.

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I'm in a similar position - graduated early this year then a long break for various reasons. Yesterday was my first run back with Laura. I did week 3 because I wanted some intervals, but I ended up jogging through the walk breaks so I managed 25 minutes jog after all. Or go back even earlier and run faster!


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