Couch to 5K

Ok....I am an idiot!

Yep....No wonder Laura left me to my own devices...and so to the confession.I thought I remembered the week 4 runs so when I found that my app died (again) I turned to my iPod stop watch. Well truth be told I did find it a little hard going but completed week 4 run 1 a few days ago ( posted here).Today I am at a hotel(OH'sbirthday) and on the treadmill.......Week 4 run 2(incidentally thought it was run 3 until I checked my log)....hard going again but did it. So now getting anxious about week 5,wondering if I would manage I thought I would see what it involved.Well it would appear that I have now done week 5 run 1 twice........and skipped week 4......what an idiot.....

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So you're on week 5 run 1? Well done for getting this far. I had to write down all my runs to make sure I didn't miss any! Keeping a record of your runs is a good idea as you can check your progress easily over time.


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