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Inspiration to All

I would just like to say Thanks to everyone on here. This site supported me through my Couch25K and now I am starting a Bridge to 10k program.

I am running the on the 1st Feb 2015

If you could please Donate by Texting LKCB77 £5 to 70070

Or visit my page at and show me some support.


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That's brilliant! Congrats on graduating! Idoubt many of us would have done it withoiut the support of all the lovely people here, don't forget it's your turn to support the new runners!

Good luck with your run, keep us posted on your 10K journey, I for one would love to hear how you get on, I'm not brave enough to take that step yet!


It really isn't too bad, Just a bit cold as I run in the evening but I am really enjoying it. Considering 8mths ago I couldn't really run for 1min, I am really proud of myself.


Fantastic...and all the very best for your runs, good luck!


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