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Crumpets with full fat blue cheese

Although I take a lot of pleasure in getting a "good" run in, I think it's safe to say that if I could get the same health and weight benefits without exercise as I can from exercising, then you'd find me glued to the couch with a glass of red wine in my hands.

So it was with great pleasure and joy that I came home from a nice run today and made myself two toasted crumpets with an extra thick slice of delicious full fat Danish blue cheese on each. And had a third slice without any bread just because I felt like it. Yummiest! I love food, and I particularly love it when I know I have already burnt the calories and more before I even begin to eat. This beat the hell out of living on cucumbers and carrot sticks ;)

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Great run Tomas and the crumpets sound yummy


Mmmmm...crumpets! Haven't had those in ages! You can have all the blue cheese though. I love food and there's not much I won't eat but my taste buds just don't like blue cheese at all.

It is really fab being able to eat something "naughty" and delicious when you know you've already burned it off though! I'm calorie counting with the help of MyFitnessPal and eating more than I was before I decided it was time to shed the pounds :)


uuummmmmmmmmm cheeeeeeeeese :D


I agree: the whole point of exercise for me is to 'earn' yummy grub :-)

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I thought I didn't like blue cheese but I love it in soups, it's lush. You can put it in a quick sauce as well for your pasta.

I've got the ingredients gathered together to make pyclets as I've got a taste for such things at the minute. I bought Derbyshire oatcakes the other day. My word they're good!


Well said Tomas, enjoy the blue cheese!


I've got a passion for crumpets too,sometimes I have them with nothing at all on (the crumpets, not me nakkie) they are not at all dry... the best thing is they are very satisfying, I don't feel hungry again for several hours, and in fact they contain next to no fat.. bargain!


When you run, it allows you to eat/drink whatever you want. Guilt Free.

That is the LAW!

(Well, that's the way I look at it anyway). ;)


And food never tastes so good as it does post run! :) yum-crumpets! i'm with Miss wobble though, blue cheese just melted in soup and sauces for me!


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