Couch to 5K

Post Grad Run

Hi there...just back from my first run since Graduation... felt so much fitter and loose...breathing was controlled and I was able to change my pace without getting heavy legs.

I ran to my old address in Westbourne park ( 3.2 miles ) in 37 minutes & 47 seconds.

I was quite happy with my run & looking running in Florida, the heat could be a factor but I intend to run on alternate days.

See you soon... :-) :-D :-d

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Enjoy! It's great this running lark isn't it!


yep addictive stuff :-)


Fab, you sound on top of the world, & so you should be x


first night run in Florida....belive it or not the weather is very UK.....first time that I have been in Florida during November....not hot.... not cold... but more clothes on.... the time is 11:54 pm ran over 5K.. great !!!!!!! Just going for a swim in the cool down....will post again before I leave only a short stay....


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