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Back on track

I hope!! After 5 weeks and 3 days on the couch my intention to start back at the beginning of the programme was shattered. Having almost completed week 4 I had optimistically deleted weeks 1 & 2 from my music player and I just could not find the lead to download week 1 again. What to do? Oh well, guess I'd just have to give week 3 a go and see how far I could get with it.

It would seem that events were conspiring against me this morning. As soon as I got out the door and started the podcast it started with a delightful piece of classical music but that really was not what I had intended! In the dark and without my glasses I was doomed to scroll through each and every one until I FINALLY got to our beloved Laura. Phew! I remembered week 3 as being slightly shorter timewise so wasn't unduly worried by the extra 5 minute warm up walk I'd had.

And it seems that all these small events paid off marvelously! After the warm up walk(s) I found myself at the top of the hill and running on the flat for the first run. Now that was a first. Off I trotted. I can't remember who but someone on here had said something about breathing through your nose being a good way to pace yourself so thought I'd try that. Just settling into the run and time was up! Time for the 90 sec walk! Where did that go?? Then the 3 minute run. Breathing through my nose. Loving being out in the dark. Loving the gentle rain fall and the light breeze. 3 minutes done! What was going on?? Second round of 90 secs and 3 mins was done facing into the wind and rain and it felt absolutely glorious! I walked home feeling pleasantly stunned by the whole experience.

It seems that all those weeks of knee strengthening, ankle rehabilitating and hip strengthening exercises have paid off. So what now? Do I continue with another 2 runs of week 3? Or dare I try for week 4?

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Thats good news. A layoff is not fun

You could of course try week 4 and see how that goes but I would be tempted to keep at week 3 and build back up.

Good luck


Thanks. I think I will take your advice and more than likely stick with week 3. I know not all runs are equal but today was such a pleasure I was filled with enthusiasm :)


I'd stick with week 3, better to take it slowly when you're recovering.


Thanks for the sound advice. Makes more sense than leaping straight into week 4.


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