Week 1 - Done!

Did day 3 this morning. To be honest I found it harder than the two previous days. Probably because the footpaths were quite wet and slippy (didn't like that) and my previous two sessions were on weekdays when I got home from work (I'm on my feet most of my working day). Rest day yesterday (Saturday) and what did I do? Sat on the couch, watched tv and ate. Idiot. Note to self: Do runs on weekdays or at worst, first thing Saturday. Having said all that, I still ran all the runs, not wanting to let down Laura (how ridiculous is that?), so not unhappy about how the week's gone. I have to admit to being a little bit in love with Laura for being so encouraging, but I suspect I'm not the first :) Thank you all for your encouragement and support so far, here's to week 2! Steve

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  • Yes, Laura is a bit of a task master, but she is looking out for you. I know it's hard, but I promise you, if you stick with it you will start to enjoy the challenge. Pretty soon running will become part of your life.

    Come on Steve, you can do it!

  • Well done steve, i have just finished w1 also. good luck with week 2. pete

  • Well done Steve. Yes slippy and muddy paths are a bit of a danger!

    Laura is my heroine..don't know where I'd be without her!!

    Good luck with the programme and keep posting

    Barbara xx

  • Hi I've also finished Wk1 today. I find the hardest thing is just getting out the front door and after that I manage ok! On Day 2 we had torrential rain but fortunately/unfortunately (couldn't make my mind up which) it stopped just in time to get a run in. Today I had Day 3 to do and to start with I convinced myself that I felt a bit ill and shouldn't go. The thing is I've deliberately told quite a few people that I'm doing this C25k thing so that I'll be determined to see it through. I feel fab when I get back from a run/walk too.

    I think I'm looking forward to Wk2 but at this stage I'm not convinced I'll be able to run for 90s. Having said that if someone had told me that I would exercise for 90 mins this week and 24 mins of that would be running I wouldn't have believed it.

    Good luck to everyone embarking on the next week of the programme - whatever week that may be


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