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Back on the tow path

Yeah - got back on the path to happiness this morning and did 3.9 miles - week of too much work before going on holiday, and a week of holiday where not having that fine specimen in the top left hand corner jumping on top of me at 6.00am to make sure he reminded me that his tummy might need feeding has given me a few lie ins.

So a new route today - but thought I might have bumped into our caped crusader of Twickenham DanZ - where were you?? - but thanks to all your posts of tales by the river bank, I managed Twickenham high st, Water Lane, towpath to Richmond Bridge, over the bridge, back down onto towpath, along to Twickenham road bridge and back up the A316. When plotting my route was thinking it was not as far as I had liked then realised Great Run Training plots in miles not kms, so a little bit more than I had planned, especially as had decided I might not be up for a Parkrun distance today.

Totalling agree that this running does bring a sense of happiness, enjoy all your runs this weekend, hope you all had good ParkRuns etc.

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Sounds a lovely run c4ts. And 3.9 miles not to be sniffed at!


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