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Haven't run for about a fortnight thanks to left calf muscle being very sore. After reading lots of your posts and advise decided to take a break for a couple of weeks to give it time to recover. Each day I have been massaging the calf and doing gentle stretch exercises. Going down stairs was the biggest problem, eventually after a week the pain went away and back to normal walking. Last night decided that no matter what the weather was doing I was going out for a run. Fortunately it was dry this morning, so set out at a gentle pace. After 5mins stopped and did some stretching, then carried on, I repeated this for another 10mins then reluctantly stopped and walked for 10mins. Tempting as it was to keep going as there was no pain I did not want to overdo it and risk causing damage. The stretching exercises have really helped, can't wait until back to full throttle.

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  • You sound very sensible. I hope the injury doesn't come back :)

  • Do you know how you injured it in the first place? It does sound as if you are being very sensible in giving it time to heal.

  • Not sure how the injury first occurred, but this is the 3rd time since starting c25k that I have had a problem. The only thing I can think of is several years ago I had a bad fall and badly damaged my left foot and had heavy strapping on lower leg for quite a while. Ever since then there has been recurring problems with the left foot. Never mind, all I need to do is take note of warning twinges and keep stretching.

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