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5k Ralking :-)

Following the recent "ralking" (run/walking) chat I decided to give it a go after work tonight. I did a 2:1 of 2mins running and 1 min walking and I repeated this for 5.6k. Although no records were broken, my 5k time was about 43mins which was slightly quicker than a previous 5k run only on the same route! Not a bad time I suppose as I walked for the third of the time! :-)

I certainly think I will do this again as I didn't feel too bad afterwards. Interested to hear from others who are trying this out. :-)

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Glad you got out to try that 2:1 and had similar times, another 5k+!!.

I had a go at that ratio today...liked it. Don't feel too pushed - I've been doing too much of that lately! Have a great weekend, Andy. :D


Inspired by RFC and Tikiczocky I tried a variation on the walk/run yesterday. Not a 2:1 but a run until I needed to breathe more quickly (2 strides in, 2 strides out) then walk until I could breathe at 4 in, 4 out, then pick up the run again. Managed 5K just 13 seconds faster than my previous best, so nowt special, but I was very surprised because of the amount of short walk breaks.

I could set off faster and keep it up because I wasn't under pressure to keep the speed going for ever. Much more relaxed way to cover ground and will be trying it again over the next few weeks in the hope that, as I get fitter, the running sections will be longer and the walk sections will get shorter and eventually disappear OR just carry on for longer distances.

This shouldn't have been a surprise but it was: the run sections were much, much shorter at the beginning than the end. I know I am a slow starter, but hadn't realised those first 10 mins are where the real pressure/stress/pain lives. I obviously take AGES to get going.


Cool! I like your variation...I will definitely try that; I think I must be like you...a slow starter taking an age to get going and agree that that's where the pressure/pain/stress part lives...I really had to push myself for the first 10 -15 minutes of c25k, once the intervals had stopped. I would say that I probably need shorter run intervals at the start, too and, as I got into the run, this morning, I found that there were times that I could have gone on for longer, but stuck to the intervals to see how it worked out (even on the downhills). Now I've convinced myself that taking walking breaks is 'okay', doesn't make me less of a runner or hurt as much as sticking with the run, I should be able to become stronger and fitter with less risk of injury!

Still such a novice...I think my biggest achievement to date is starting to learn to listen to my body - this variation would certainly help to match my efforts with my ability (I like the idea of being a bit more random too!) :D


Hey Andy :) looks like you have found a good way to go :) and 5k+ ,might give this ralking a try at some point :)


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