Couch to 5K

Week 7 run 1 and in the rain too!!

Woop woop... Ran the whole 25 mins in the rain in my new trainers and it was great. I set map my run off before hand and it says distance 1.70 mi pace 15.36 ... I'm confused about the pace does it mean it's taking me 15 mins to do a mile? Also I'm only doing 1.70 miles in 25 mins is this ok for week seven or should I be further?

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Don't bother with distance and speed while you're on C25k. It's about finishing the run in front of you. The time to bother about distance/time is after Graduation when you can keep running 3 times a week and build up your fitness. You can't expect to be running a long way, quickly, until your body is capable of it. So, be patient and you'll get there, if that's what you want to do

The 5 k in 30 minutes is just a guide. Some will accomplish those two things but others will take longer to do it. The thing is to finish all the runs and Graduate

Good news on the running shoes front by the way! Lovely new shoes.


well one :) and in the rain:D hats off to you great work ! listen to Miss W :D she is right :D


Well done Nicky, you survived the rain and you ran for 25 minutes! That's brilliant.


Thanks everyone. Ok I will stop worrying about the pace and time and crack on :)


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