2 more runs to go.....anxiety setting in!

Ok so like many, many others I am not and have never been a runner......but the C25K podcasts have really changed that and now I love it! I haven't raced through the plan - I was definitely well and truly embedded in the couch so wanted to check I was doing ok before moving on, so most weeks I ran 4 not 3 runs. I now have only 2 more runs to go before it is all completed and I am worried about what happens next! I love the reassurance of the podcasts, of not having to plan the challenge or work out the distances, I have even come to love the music!.

I want to keep the progress going - it has been so satisfying to be continually improving and moving forward... So how have other graduates coped with life post Laura?!


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  • I reran the week 9 podcasts for a couple of weeks then I did the c25k+ podcasts, speed, stamina etc and stll use them. Then moved onto Sami and B210k which was brutal but got me to 10k. The important thing is to keep running and you'll get the benefits. Well done on getting so far, 2 more runs, prepare to party and just have fun with it.

  • I did same as GF. I still run the C25+ podcasts with Laura as they pop up on my mp3 player when it's on shuffle. I love them! I loved the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k. I still use those podcasts too. All free and downloadable from here. I was a non-runner like you, never run in my life, but I can't stop now. Loving it! You can too

  • thanks both - much appreciated. It is very inspiring hearing that others continue to progress!

    Will get through the last 2 and then look at the options you suggest.

    thanks again

  • Hiya.

    I've just loved the transition of becoming a runner from a complete non runner just like you, miss w and many others :-)

    Initially I just kept running for 3 times a week until I managed 5k - took a couple of weeks. Now I'm aiming for a 35 minute 5k run (sooooo close). I've used the speed podcast a couple of times - found it very hard but it definitely helps with general fitness and speed.

    Now 3.5 months after graduation I'm still loving it, plodding along, determined not to let our winter weather stop me from getting out there.

    So good luck with your final runs and graduation - and enjoy!

    :-) xx

  • this is my 1st week since graduation , i am just repeating the podcast for week 9 more for a ref check than anything , just going with the flow for now ,the worlds our lobster really :D just enjoy running and whaqt next will happen when it does :D

  • I enjoyed some 30 minute runs with just my own music & no goal at first post graduation. Then I used Runkeeper to monitor what I was doing a bit more, and started lengthening my weekend runs by 10% or so. Now I've got up to an hour approx of running on those, I am keen to consolidate & increase me speed (or non-speed!) a little, so trying the c25k+ podcasts, loved the 2 I've tried so far.

    It's really about finding a reason or a little goal to keep getting you out there & most importantly to keep enjoying it! Good luck for your last 2 runs, the finish line is in sight! X

  • I still use Laura's podcasts, just don't take any notice of her when she says to walk...I like the C25K+ podcasts too. I kind try and mix it up a bit so I don't just do the same thing all the time, sometimes I go out and take photos of my run, sometimes a longer non stop run. I've seen a lot on here about run/walk intervals, like in the podcasts, going to try that soon. Next time it's not too chilly I'm going to run to The Cambridge University Botanic Garden, have a stroll round, then run home, looking forward to that.

  • Thanks for the advice - I have now graduated and have just continued with the week 9 podcasts to ensure I have really got them. Looking forward to trying some of the stamina / speed podcasts next week!

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