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Autumn in the Arboretum

Autumn in the Arboretum

Had a fab run today in the arboretum. Stayed away last week as there were coach loads of people arriving every hour and queues of cars at the entrance! So I explored different routes and even had a "practice' run around my nearest parkrun ( haven't done one yet!) but today I ventured back to the arboretum, the crowds had mostly gone and I got there early enough to have solitude. Bliss!

The weather was perfect, sunny but cool. I didn't know what to wear and in the end stuck with a short sleeve t-shirt and my new bright green and purple capris which felt great if a little (ahem) colourful! I did warm up quickly but my upper arms got cold and were still cold at the end so might need to rethink the autumn wardrobe.

Anyway, I'm working up to 10K and this was my long run. I was aiming for 6K. I had a good night's sleep, ate a big bowl of porridge and 2 cups of tea and was rarin' to go! And off I went.

I took it very slowly and just enjoyed the fresh air, the movement of my body and the stunning autumn colours around me. It was absolutely beautiful and I know I am very lucky to have such a great place to run on my doorstep. It took me the first K to get into a nice rhythm but after that I felt fabulous! The sleep and porridge were obviously working their magic and when the 5K bleeped I felt I could run forever! But I was good and stuck to the plan and did a lovely 6K. Perfect!

I wish every run was like this but we know it doesn't work like that. But we just have to live in the moment and enjoy what the gods of running throw us on any particular day. And today they were smiling on me. Thank you gods of running!

The photo is a little flavour of some of the stunning colours in the arboretum.

Happy autumn running everyone.

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Looks like a fab place to run and what a lovely picture amazing. We didn't get to see any of those autumn colours this year ! Sounds like a perfect run and you sound like you had a great time! I find it so hard to know what to wear, I was in shorts and t-shirt and when I stepped out I was I should have put my capris on but I hate feeling any cold, in the end it was ok.


Our autumn has been wow and the colours are just gorgeous. Yes clothes are a conundrum at the minute. It's cold here to begin with but then you warm up pretty quickly!


what a beautiful wonderful to savour that moment.....lovely pic :)


Is that Westonbirt? If so and you are working up to a 10k did you know there is one at the arboretum in June. It is a lovely race.


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