Couch to 5K

Short run with Rico

Rico did very well this morning he hangs back which slows my pace down and every now and then gives me a breather by going off piste. Cold and damp this morning so long sleeved top but I was nice and toasty (sweaty) by the end of my run. Felt fairly easy today and miss Garmin confirms it wasn't too strenuous - only 19 hours to recover so I can go again tomorrow.

I've been looking at some of the Garmin workouts - has anyone used them? Although they are 3 or 4 days per week there is lots of other exercise on the non-run days so it might be too much with my work at the moment.

Happy Monday running all

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Not seen those GF but I'll go and have a look-see now that you've flagged it up

Glad you enjoyed your run today, Rico too


Let me know what you think


Great way to start a new week! Does Rico ever refuse to go out with you?


He tries when it's raining but generally he's pretty good. A retriever that isn't keen on water the mind boggles :-)


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