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Week 3 completed :D

I haven't been posting much for the last few days so apologise! I enjoyed this run a lot, actually a bit too much :D Today was my run 3 and it was down right raining. Just like that double rainbow i mentioned in my last post, this time it was double rain!

Well thanks to the rain, i found the run easier than the other two. I am slightly worried at week 4 since it is a notch. I will slow it right down and take on board the advices here. Looking forward to the run on tuesday for week 4...

If there are any tips for that week, do let me know :) Open to more advices xx

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well done Pikaree :D sounds like you are doing just fine and even running in the rain :) that is dedication :D

Stick with the slow and steady Pikaree :D :D


Well done Pikaree. As Rob says, take it slowly and you'll nail it!


Thank you ! I will keep this in mind especially since its more important now!


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