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W5R2 completed, nervous about W5R3!!

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Hey all! I am a former marathon runner who has gained about 60 pounds, and stopped running. I've started the C25K again, now running early in the morning with my dog Rosie.

We are both doing well, and have had a good time so far. We completed the two 8 minute runs for W5R2 this morning, and have the dreaded W5R3 on Thursday. I run in a hilly area, and I think I may be changing my course a little, but we'll give it a go!

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You've made it this far, just keep it slow and things will go just fine. You've already put in the training to take you to 20 minutes - it will feel great one you've accomplished that. Happy running to both you and Rosie.


Hey well done! I had a break from running of 10 years and had tried to get back into it but failed until I stumbled accross C25K.

I am sloooowly inching towards 10k at the mo and am only just starting to believe that I actually ran HM distances in the past. Even then I could only aspire to running a marathon so you are one step ahead of most of us in dealing with those long-run gremlins!

Hopefully 'that run' will be fine for you. It was a real turning point for me. I hope it is for you : )

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hi, if you have stuck with the program 20mins is so achievable :D you have done all the hard work in the previous weeks , take it slow and steady :D good luck


I also worried about the 20min run and like most other people found it to be more in the mind than the legs!! May be worth getting in the car and finding some level ground to at least remove that worry AND slow it down!


A big part of my c25k journey was a mental battle to believe that I could actually ever become a runner, as I had NEVER been able to run any distance - even as a young-un, so it is really interesting for me to hear that people who were clearly quite established runners in their time still have to face the same sort of 'demons' when they return to the sport.

The programme does work. Well done to you for getting back off the couch and giving it a go.

W5R3 did seem to come out of nowhere for me, but it is do-able, so believe in yourself and the programme, you WILL get there.

Good luck! :)

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I am also fighting for the same. Best of luck to you & Rosie !! :-)


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