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Last run of the Month

Just back in from this mornings outing, and that’s it for October now as I’m taking my lad away tonight for a short break during half term next week & travelling light means no room for running gear.

But overall a good run although I got wet through with loads of puddles and all the shiqshy mud so I was slipping all over.

Picked up a bit of a groin twinge when the left foot decided to slip off the path and right foot decided it was staying where it landed which left me sat on my arse in a very very large puddle, the only thing for it was to get back up and keep on running, or limping for a bit. So time to get cleaned up now.

Unfortunately no records were broken in the making of this run & luckily no bones broken either.

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Sometimes you're the pigeon, and other times you're the statue. Sounds like it was a statue day today, but glad that you seem to have enjoyed it, even with all the puddles and the slight slip. Hope your week's break will sort the groin twinge out.


Enjoy a well-deserved break, sounds like it would be good to rest after the incident on today's run! Not very glamourously this running lark is it? Happy holidays!



Have a great holiday. We'll still be here when you get back. .:-) xx


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