Couch to 5K

a simple cardio fitness test

This test is very simple - and it's beauty is not really in the initial result that it gives you ( where you see your fitness categorized as being, poor, average , good, etc ( for your age) ) -- but in the use of that result further down the track , say monthly.

Do the 3 minute test - note your HR , then note it again exactly one minute later ( a recovered rate) -- and write these two figures down somewhere . Rinse and repeat at regular intervals ( weekly, monthly?) - but make sure that you do the test under exactly the same conditions every time ( if possible)

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Good idea to keep track of it! WIll try that next time, instead of my randomly taken datas! I did that a few weeks ago and even without having written down anywhere the previous (as in previous to start C25K) I was amazed at how much quicker the recovery time was...


Thanks Bazza I will try this over the weekend


though this is a good test, I go so regularly to the dic where they test my blood pressure, my O2 and HR, that I'm satisfied with this. Thank you for your research.


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