Couch to 5K


I have ran when its been sunny. I have ran in the rain. I have ran when its been frosty.

That was my first run in windy conditions. Didnt like it at all :(

Weirdly enough it always seemed to be against me no matter the direction I was travelling. Isnt going to be much fun out there over the next few days folks as the tail end of Gonzalo sweeps through. Take care.

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I'm with you on that...but good training though :)


I am with you on this one. Wind is the one weather condition I really hate and the only one that puts me off going out for a run. I once got he wind behind my back and that was great, but like you the norm seems to be that the wind shifts direction the same time as I do!


Ooh thanks for reminding me about horrid weather coming, I have a run planned first thing, forewarned is forearmed & all that... I quite like a bit if wind to cool me off & add atmosphere, but this sounds a bit hardcore..! Shall assess out of window & maybe delay if looking dicey...


I know! It's a *&££r isn't it! Hat on, head down, and go for it.

Seriously though, if you can change your day it won't hurt. Running into a gale is no fun and it could be quite dangerous out there today. The torrential rain is no joke either. Bah


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