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Hello week 9, graduation is finally on the horizon :)

After a week of loads of distractions, week 8 finally over and week 9 run 1 done today.

Very happy to have run for 30 mins which seemed impossible when i began in August. However still finding it tough and it will be a long time before I can just casually run for 30 mins without heavy legs!

Covering about 5.5km at the moment. What do people do to figure how much of that is running (I.e. strip out the warm up walk etc)? I'd like to see if I can run 5k for my last two runs. Wondering if I should start runkeeper after the warm up.

Next task this week will be to come up with a post c25k plan!


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Well done Karenoc, you're almost there! If you want to be sure of how far you can get in 30min of running then either start runkeeper after your warm up walk and stop it when Laura tells you you've run for 30min, or make a mental note of where you are when you start and stop running and plot those points into Mapometer when you get home. It's dead simple to use and will tell you how far you got in either km or miles. Good luck with your remaining runs. I suspect you're pretty fast and that's why your legs are feeling heavy at the end of your runs. :)


Thanks yea I might start and stop runkeeper at the beginning and end of run 2. I definitely don't feel fast when I'm running! But excited to see if I can get to 5k over next two runs.

Thanks for your support x


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