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After yesterdays reports of a not too satisfactory run, todays outing was completely different. The chocolate roulade fumes that Mrs Dan had been making for tonights dinner party had spurred me on to greater things!

My day started with the doorbell ringing by our new neighbour Katherine, dressed in her running gear looking forlorn and lost. She'd come back from her run and had locked herself out! Her husband was away in Wales for the weekend playing golf and she was completely at a loss what to do. To cut a long story short, she came in and Mrs Dan and I calmed her down, gave her mint tea and my laptop to contact a lock smith. Before too long, one appeared and all was well. We wished her well and I set off on my 7K run. I had planned to do a 10, but the Katherine shenanigans had eaten up a bit of time so I made do with a shorter tonk.

There were so many runners out today in the balmy autumn temperature. It was ridiculously hot and I wore shorts instead of the long tights I usually preview along the Thames. The fastest kilometre was my last - at 5'08 and the overall 7K time was 39'22 which I was very pleased about. No hippo syndrome today - just gazelle like springing (thank God!). I overtook a couple of runners, but to sort of cancel that out, I was overtaken by two VERY fast men at richmond Bridge. (show offs).

Our dinner guests are due and Mrs Dans chocolate roulade is dominating position in the fridge, so I'd better go and get the prosecco glasses out. TOnights menu ;

aubergine, tomato mozzerella stack thing bakes to start

homemade turkey burgers (with soy sauce!) and potato wedges and salad

Choco roulade

Cheese and bics.

Wine by the gallon......

Tia Maria for the brave....

Good luck tomorrow all you runner dudes competing in 10K's, HM's and full marathons.

See you again soon


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brill, good run and well done...and yummy I'm on my way in time for pudding ;)


Top run Dan... good thing too as that pudding sounds too good to resist... just as well you ran it off in advance! :)


Glad you had a better run today Dan. Sounds like it was just perfect and the good news is that you have all that lovely food afterwards.

Spurred on by your talk of choc roulade I made a chocolate pool pudding today. Just had a bit of it and it's lovely. I can run it off tomorrow

Good on your for helping out your neighbour!


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