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W8R1 + a bit ... naughty me :-)

Feeling more optimistic today, I'm just back from my W8R1 with a big smile :-)

Decided to take my own advice...

Didn't run first thing (half asleep)...

Had a normal breakfast (got some fuel)

Took a new route (new things to look at)

Ran at reasonable pace from start to finish (didn't burn out in first Km)

After the 28min run, I felt OK... so decided to keep going for a few more minutes... so I ran for 30:30... naughty me.

Then had a walk for a few minutes and found I was still a way from home so started running again... did another 6 mins.... naughty me again! So in total I ran about 4Km today... well pleased with that!! :-)

Think I'll put my feet up now for the rest of the weekend..... I can now count the remaining runs on one hand... woo hoo :-) :-)

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Well done Andy :D sounds like you really did have a good run today :)


I think he's got it !! That's it, you're hooked now !


Well done,


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