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Bad Attack of Cramp

This mornings run was interrupted with cramp in left calf. First time this has happened. Tried to stretch it out by slowing down to just above walking pace. It eased a little but was still there so had to turn home. Still niggling after being home half an hour. Normally on run days I have a glass of water and half a banana, then after about 20mins set of, as soon as I get home I have another glass of water and the rest of the banana then head for a shower. This morning there was no bananas left so had a glass of freshly squeezed orange & grapefruit, my normal morning drink.

My run 2 days ago was very hard, I really struggled as most of the run was up hill and found that I took quite a while to recover. I can't decide if the cramp was a result of the previous run or a change in the morning routine. Any thoughts or advice please.

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My guess would be that it's due to the hard training two days ago. I would make sure to stretch and rest and see how it goes next time. Fingers crossed.


Thanks Tomas. I think what I took to be cramp is a muscle problem. It is now a couple of hours since the run and the leg is getting worse. Have had trouble coming down the stairs and very painful to walk. Best thing to do is rest fro a couple of days then go on a gentle run.


I hope you will get better soon - it's the week-end, blowing a gale (here at least!) ... what better than a book, hot drink, an ice pack and rest?


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