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Hello I am new member, greetings.

I love walking, and cycling.

every morning at 4:00am, the moment the cool air and rushed home at 6:00 am wiping the sweat, the use of perfume, and go to school.

distance from home to school using the bike it takes about 45 minutes.

although sweating but still fresh as the scent of perfume.

My hobbies are martial arts, from Indonesia.

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Welcome. We look forward to hearing more about your success and stories.


Goodness - that's dedication! You must have laughed at all our posts in the UK yesterday about the wind and rain! You have a whole different set of weather issues (though I think I like the sound of yours more!).


Welcome on board, Brino. Sounds like you're already pretty active, and I'm impressed by the dedication to get up at 4 am. Looking forward to follow you on this journey.


thanks for your response, I learned to live healthy because my family has a hereditary disease that attacks the diabete mellitus my grandfather 20 years ago.

so prior to exposure, the better to prevent.


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