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Absolutely buzzing

Amazing run on Sunday at the Oxford Half Marathon. Training had gone reasonably well except for a calf injury taking longer to mend and then a week sailing and a long weekend in Belgium. Overall I had only run about forty miles in the last eight weeks so was expecting to do a series of 20 minute runs separated by a minute or so walking and hopefully finish inside 2.30, assuming that my leg held out. On the day there were major problems at the Park & Ride which put back the start until 9.50 but we didn't arrive at the Stadium until 10.00 and the loos were blocked and we still had about 400 yards to the start setting off almost 30 minutes late! To make matters worse our son pulled a hamstring after about a mile and had to drop out so I was on my own until I caught the first of the back-markers at 4 miles. Despite my longest non-stop training run being only 32 minutes I ran all the way finishing in 2.11.04! One second inside 10 minute mile pace! According to the results I overtook more than 300 runners, not bad for an old man.

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And what a time :D


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