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Fun in 1 minute segments

I've just done one of my usual runs as 1min run/1 min walk . I Just found out how to set my very basic Garmin to do the minutes - and it was great. Garmin, almost like Laura, The G gives a second or two's notice before the next segment is due and then bleeps when it's time to speed up or slow down. I found I was walking quickly on those sections and doing the running at varying speeds - from very fast, to quite slow (on steepest part of a hill) etc. I wasn't using the Garmin to give me any stats just the 1 minute timings but I did look when I'd finished as curiosity got the better of me and my overall average speed ended up pretty much around my usual pace but the changes during the run were fun. I obviously need to do some work as I am very one-paced overall!

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Anything that makes the run fun is a good thing, and it's good to hear you enjoyed it! Like you, I'm quite one-paced - when I look at the garmin speed-graph of one of my non-interval runs, it looks it was done with a ruler. Can I come along on your works? ;)


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