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Greetings from Rome

Good morning all my lovely C25kers. So I have been here in Rome for the last 4 days and only managed to get out for week6 r1 today. It's a beautiful hot day here yet again but at 0730 I took to the streets and have to say I enjoyed the whole thing(except the part where I took my life into my own hands to cross the roads).

It is sheer chaos on the roads this morning and lots of people going to work but I didn't care I just jogged past them and kept going.

So this is my first one outside the Uk and certainly won't be the last.

Have a wonderful day

Flump x

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It's amazing how much a change of scenery can make running feel so much more fun. Enjoy Rome! :)


I'm totally jealouse. I did week 3 last year on the banks of the Tiber while staying at Ostia, but would have loved to run in the city as well !


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