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100 miles!

Since June and up to and including today I have covered 100 miles! This is according to my nikeplus running app. I have ran the majority of them as well though there have been small walks occasionally and at those at the end of the c25k programme! I have just ran 2.74 miles in the teeming rain and loved it! I must be odd and weird! I have been recently diagnosed as anaemic and I am working on building my iron levels up and I must say I can see a difference. Thank you to everyone on here for their support and most of all for this brilliant programme which has had such a positive effect on my life!

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Well Done you keep it up


Good for you Loobs! This is the life int it. I bet you feel like a new woman! I know I do.

I went out in the rain for my run this morning and it stopped ! How brill is that.

You'll get your anaemia under control with a good diet I'm certain. That's another thing this running lark teaches us is that we need to eat right ...

*Ditch the junk

*Eat the colours

*Beware the beige buffet


Wow, you're clearly bitten by the bug :) Take care and try to avoid getting webbing between your toes from all the water - it increases wind drag and ruins your aero dynamic performance.


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